Twos is an age range with vast possibilities in learning comprehension. Take away the range you are in and run with it. For more of a challenge look into Preschool. 


​Everyday look at the weather and describe the weather - is it cloudy, sunny, rainy, windy, cold, cool, or warm? Practice letter recognition. A-Z for the older twos. A-I for the younger twos. New twos - A-C.

Shape and Color Hunts - 

Look for shapes/colors around your house making a checklist of ten together. It assists with counting, categorizing, playing together, and color/shape recognition. 

Books to read:

Dr. Suess's Book of Colors

Dr. Suess's Green Eggs and Ham

Gross Motor:

Going on a Bear Hunt

The Freeze Dance

Fine Motor:

Zip up their own coat

Utilize smaller size tongs in the bath to pick up toys and non-hazardous items. 


Make banana bread! Talk about the difference between wet ingredients and dry ones. Incorporate and enjoy! Maybe add some chocolate chips for fun.


Count to 10, 20,30 if you got it! Can count days of months past. Their birthday month is a great one to count!